Navigating the Next Wave: Latest Trends in Student Housing

In the world of real estate, student housing is undergoing a facelift, driven by the changing needs of today’s college-goers. At MBX Creative, we’ve noticed developers shifting toward student housing as a prime market, especially as an increase in remote work has lessened the demand for new office development. Let’s dive into three major trends that are making waves in campus accommodation and how you can leverage them for your student housing brands.

Building Community

Modern students are seeking more than just a dorm room; they long for a sense of community. Recent data shows that only 61% of students are satisfied with their social life, and just 59% say they feel connected to peers at their institution. This shift has led to a surge in community-centered designs. Our branding philosophy mirrors this trend, creating brand identities that echo students’ desire for meaningful connections and inclusive settings. With communal study areas, collaborative living setups, and dynamic common spaces, developers can craft a shared experience that resonates with community-focused students.

Embracing Well-Being as a Priority

The wellness wave has swept across the student housing landscape as well. In a recent student survey by Inside Higher Ed, nearly 3 in 5 respondents selected going to the gym as their preferred wellness habit. As wellness takes center stage, your branding strategy should follow suit. Highlighting health and wellness amenities, serene meditation spots, and lush outdoor havens through brand elements such as copy, photography and color palettes is a strategic and clear way to position yourself in the market. You want your branding to communicate the message loud and clear: student well-being is at the core of the living experience you offer.

Marrying Technology and Comfort

In an era defined by tech-savvy students, technology integration has become a must-have. Smart locks, automated climate control, common wifi – these features are now expected. In fact, 78% of current students rank WiFi as the most important amenity when choosing a place to live. By leveraging your brand identity as modern and in-touch, you’ll be better able to resonate with a new, digitally connected generation that is looking for the comfort, convenience and security that smart tech offers.

Bringing It All Together

The student housing landscape is evolving significantly. Recent statistics underscore the urgency of community-driven designs, wellness considerations, and tech integration. At MBX Creative, we’re not just observers; we’re guides that help you reach your student audience. We collaborate with our development partners to create brands that student residents will resonate with, knowing they’re not just stepping into housing; they’re stepping into a thriving community, a sanctuary of well-being, and a realm of modern comfort.