By Aaron Metzger


Our Favorite Multifamily Marketing Channels (Because They Work)

Five years ago, multifamily marketing was simpler. We could list buildings on ILS sites for free and we would drive leads. Easy. Digital Marketing wasn’t a necessity, but rather a luxury that only the largest development groups and property management teams could afford. Oh, how the market has changed. ILS sites have grown to be incredibly expensive and less effective. Rent prices are down 20% in some markets, and concessions are at all-time highs. Competitors are spending more on digital channels, meaning without a huge investment in digital marketing, it’s hard to get your community in front of potential renters.

We’ve seen that, on average, 65% of scheduled tours come from digital marketing – quickly outpacing ILS lead generation.

The best marketing channels for multifamily.

These two channels are key for almost any multifamily building. Sure there are more channels and tactics to use, but these offer the most value and drive results.

1. Google Ads

Google is the most-used search engine by a long shot (92% of the market). Between paid search, display, and retargeting, Google Ads offers placements and targeting that are essential for multifamily marketing. The most important aspect of this channel is the ability to target potential tenants that are actively searching for apartments, neighborhoods, and even specific amenities.

We’ve found that a majority of booked tours are a direct result of Google Ads.

2. Facebook and Instagram Ads

What makes this ad network so valuable to multifamily businesses is the combination of targeting and image-focused ad types. You can choose from available audiences for people who are in the market for a new apartment. And the platforms are heavily geared towards pictures and videos, offering the opportunity to truly showcase your amenities.

How to stand out.

It doesn’t matter if your apartment building is 35 units in Tulsa or 750 in Chicago, we offer best-in-class digital marketing services. Unlike our competitors in the multifamily space, we are transparent about data which means that you’ll have complete vision on what channels are actually producing leases. Over the years we’ve driven hundreds of millions in revenue through accelerated lease-ups, and improved occupancy rates for stabilized communities. We know what works for multifamily real estate and we can do it for you.

Reach out to our sales team for more information on how we can help you connect with your audience.